The day to day life of the church happens outside the Sunday meeting in small groups. The are key to life in South Manchester Family Church and to strengthen church members in their Christian lives.

Life Groups are small group meetings with other people from South Manchester Family Church that happen through the week in homes across the south of the city.

They are a chance to do life together, encounter God, look at the Bible, ask questions and encourage each other. Pray for each other, eat together, worship together etc.

The aim is to get everyone involved. We want the church to grow in depth of community as well as numerically. They are a healthy place to build open and honest friendships, share our victories and triumphs, but also our tragedy and pain.

It is all about real life - how does what I’m hearing at church help me if I’ve lost my job or am suffering? How does what I’m hearing affect how I live my life?

Life Groups are also about reaching out to others. Sometimes we find we can take relationship with God for granted and we never want to forget that part of our mission is to show others hope and purpose through Jesus.

Current Lifegroups and their leaders:

We have small groups located in and around the city and all you have to do to join is get in touch with us and we can put you in touch with the small group leader.

Youth 16-18: Kingsburn Hall: fortnightly Friday @ 7:30pm - Youth Team

Young Adults + Withington Lifegroup : Thurdays- Mike & Becky Spencer


East Didsbury -
Northenden -

Gorton & Reddish 

Fallowfield -

If you require more information about these groups please visit the welcome desk on Sundays

If you would like to join a group, or become part of a new one, please contact the office.
If you have any other questions about small groups, or the church please click here to contact us.