Our Vision

As a church we are passionate about being a diverse Family Church of Christians from all backgrounds and cultures. To look like heaven we feel the church needs to reflect the diversity of the city in which we live and the world we are part of. Our aim of fulfilling the prayer of Jesus ‘His kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven’.

Our 2020 Vision.

  • Clear vision 20-20
  • a 10 year vision for the 2020s
  • doubling 20+20.
2020 Vision

The image of 2020 is 20 in the light and 20 in the shade. Representing the current church in the light and those that we should be encouraged to bring into the light. Restored, reconciled and redeemed. The challenge to grow by praying for, inviting and enabling a belonging and our hope to double each 5 years. Join us on the journey!

‘Connect4’ groups. 

‘Connecting for purpose’

For 6-8 weeks each term we meet as Connect groups. Branded ‘Connect4’ these are run on varied subjects may be run on a bible study, Parkrun, walking groups, worship nights, subject studies, meals but all focused on how we develop our relationship with the Lord and each other. 
Connect4 groups can be lead by anyone in the church but with at least 2 agreeing to run and ‘host’ for 6-8 weeks. And the aim to invite others from the church and outside the church looking to connect. 
People lead for one term and attend another the next term. The leaders chooses a way of running a group, but discussion and sharing is encouraged. For example the Saturday Parkrun running group met for 6 weeks for breakfast and discussion afterwards.  We also have more traditional bible study midweek groups and focused groups.